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Are you one of our current managers or thinking of becoming a kids football manager?  Imagine how much good you can do in your local community by helping children play football.  You can boost confidence, fitness, social interaction/teamwork the possibilities are endless.  If you are a current manager, good on you!  If you're thinking of becoming a manager, go for it contact us today.  


Here are a few of our favourite links that may help you and your team:    


“They’re all bunched up!”   - An interesting read about young kids and their natural instinct when playing football.


Successful kids coaching - Some hints and tips for new and old managers alike.


Give the parents a game?  - Role reversal, the kids will love it, what do you think?


Help new or weaker players - Good managers help everybody enjoy thir football, here's how can you help your players.


How to give your players confidence - Written for womens soccer but definitely applies to kids football too.


These links are from a great website called footy4kids.co.uk.  Have a look for yourself, its a treasure trove of hints and tips and also has some footbal drills suitable for kids.




Laws and Rules - Official laws and rules of football along with lots of other links from the FA.


Safeguarding - Support for parents and volunteers from the FA.







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